Maria Grazia Repetto   

Maria Grazia Repetto



My inner creative process is widely eclectic.

As a muralist artist, I enjoy the challenge of working on commission on unique projects, using ancient techniques from a new artistic point of view.

As a fine artist, I enjoy painting the journey of life.

As a woman my work is inspired by my inner soul and unique life experience.

I reinvent myself in each of my works of art.



My curriculum vitae spans over thirty years as a professional artist and instructor, including teaching positions, commissions, and extensive exhibits. I am accomplished as a Master in Mural and Fresco painting techniques, and specializing in Bas-relief, Stucco, Etching and Engraving.

I was born in Genova, Italy, where I grew as an artist surrounded by the culturally rich environment of ancient paintings, sculptures, and frescoes. In Genova, I attended the renowned Accademia Delle Belle Arti, where I mastered my skills, techniques, and artistic aptitude, receiving a Master's of Fine Art degree.  

In 1995 I moved from Genova to Seattle, where I opened "L’Affresco Art Studio", a business specializing in imports and sales of Italian High Period Antiques, as well as commissioned fine art paintings, reliefs and frescoes. 

I later became an a citizen of the United States through an “Outstanding Abilities” award. I personally feel highly honored for receiving this special award, as obtaining it requires recognitions by professional leaders throughout the Art World. 

During these years, I have continued to work, as a Seattle based artist, on many privately commissioned projects.  Most of my work currently resides in Seattle, but also several other works also exist in other parts of the country, including Portland, OR, Scottsdale, AZ, and Boca Raton, FL, among others.



Courses in fresco painting: Poggio Imperiale, Firenze, Italy

Degree in Fine Arts: Artistico Barabino, Genova, Italy

Masters Degree in Fine Arts: Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti, Genova, Italy

Courses in Architectural Design and Prospective: Architect-Professor Guido Sani. Genova, Italy

 Courses in Etching and Engraving: La Bottega dell’Incisione, Torino, Italy

Special Abilities and Skills

Specialize in True Fresco Painting and Bas-relief

Extensive experience working with Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, and Etching & Engraving; Bas-relief & Sculptures.

Works include paintings, portraits, and landscapes, contemporary or traditional figurative.

 Specialize in Pencil and Pen & ink, Drawing, Sketches and B&W design. 

Work Experience

2013 - 2014:        Working on public Mural project for the city of Camas, WA ;  painting Frescoes in private residences.

 2012 - 2013:        Seattle, WA: Portraitures, murals, exhibits, art live demonstrations, and Marble Image Design.

 2011 - 2012:        Seattle, WA: Portraitures and Marble Image design (images on marble)

 2010 - 2011:        Seattle, WA: Fresco mural and stuccoes covering an area of 320 sq. feet.

 2009 - 1010:      Paradise Valley, AZ: Fresco mural and Bas-reliefs, covering an area of 500 sq. feet.

 2009 - 2009:   Scotts Valley, CA: Large oil paintings for permanent exhibition at the  Canepa's Classic Cars Museum.                                                    

 2005 - 2008:   Scottsdale/Paradise Valley:  Several large individual commissions: True Fresco Paintings, Murals, Bas-reliefs and  traditional Italian Stuccoes.

 2004 - 2005:   Richland, WA: Interior Fresco Paintings and Bas-reliefs for the Hedges Family Estate and Cellar. This work covers  an wall surface of 650 sq. feet.

 2002 - 2002:   Seattle, WA:  A contemporary-style Fresco painting, wall area of 300 sq. feet, at The Tower 801 on Pike Street.

 2001 - 2001:    Boca Raton, FL:  A large commission of interior, texture and relief works on columns and walls.

 1999 - 2001:    Seattle, WA:  A large interior Fresco Opus that covers an area of 2,000 sq. feet of walls and ceiling.

 1985 - 1987:     Owner and Artist of the design firm: “L’Affresco di Santa Margerita” Genova, Italy.

 1973 - 1976:      Fresco Restoration in the Castle Castelvecchio di San Felice in Torino, Italy.

 1970 - 1971:      Fresco Restoration in the Church Diocesi di Bobbio in Genova, Italy.

 1960 - 1964:    Technical design specialist for Centro Nazionale Ricerche at the University of Genova, Italy.

 1975 - 1980:     Free-lance Artist for several newspapers and magazines in Italy.

 1960 - 1995:     Art Exhibits in Italy, France and Switzerland.


Maria Grazia Repetto

Maria Grazia Repetto